My Mom is a Construction Manager

By Akilah Darden and The Darden Kids

The Book

Inspiring young readers!

My Mom is a Construction Manager is a story about a dream that became a reality! Award-winning construction manager, Akilah Darden, inspired her children to see that anything is possible and hopes that her story can inspire you too!

The Plush

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The Mom

As a kid, I loved LEGO sets and puzzles.
In school, I loved math and problem-solving.
When I got to high school, I would spend hours drafting houses and isometrics. In college, I was going to be the next famous architect!

My love for people, negotiating, communicating, coordinating, collaborating, and knowledge of design lead me to construction.
Construction is an industry where I can use all of my skills, passion, experience, and expertise to create infrastructure that will help people and communities.
Isn’t that what life is all about!?

So now, I have an amazing opportunity. I get to assist corporations, general contractors, subcontractors, design teams, and communities with their construction needs. And, on this journey I have set an example for my kids and inspired the creation of “My Mom is a Construction Manager” and hope to inspire many others to pursue their dreams and reach their goals!

The Updates!

Akilah Darden, Founder of The Darden Group, LLC